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Sell Your Home Quickly

Most people agree that the current process of buying and selling houses in this country is just not working - it's expensive, stressful and full of so many pitfalls it's a wonder that anyone bothers. In polls of the most stressful things that happen in life selling a house is usually pretty close to the top.

Not only that, it's incredibly time-consuming. The average house sale takes six months! Selling property quickly just doesn't seem to be that easy if you take a conventional approach.

Like most people who have been involved with buying or selling a house, my wife and I have encountered our fair share of problems - in fact, selling our first house was just about enough to put us off moving ever again!

First we found it difficult to get a valuation that reflected the true market value - we had three estate agents firms each giving wildly different valuations. I've found out since that estate agents will often give a value that is above its real market value in order to win your business. It came as no real surprise to then discover that most offers are usually less than the asking price.

We had our house on the market for two months before we even had a single viewing - in that time we missed out on two amazing houses that both refused to accept an offer until we ourselves had a buyer.

We then decided to concentrate on selling our house and look for rented accommodation - then proceed with our next purchase as cash buyers. If we'd been able to achieve a quick house sale, not only would we have saved money on the interest repayments on our mortgage but we'd have been able to put our equity in a high interest savings account.

Once we found a buyer, almost inevitably we accepted a lower offer - with the condition that we could have a quick house sale. My wife was pregnant at the time and we needed to move so we could settle in before our baby was born. In the end we ended up having to move the day after our little girl was born - I certainly wouldn't recommend that to anyone!

The whole process took over six months - property prices were shooting up in our area at the time and we estimated that by the time we sold our house was actually worth about 4% more than when the buyer had first made their offer!

There seemed to be no need for it - there was no chain at either end - all that time we were held up by slow moving solicitors who were quite happy to present us with a hefty bill at the end of it.

I vowed never to make the same mistake again so this time I wanted to see if there were any alternatives. "Quick house sale" is a phrase that doesn't seem to occur to most estate agents or solicitors but it was the first thing that sprang to my mind when we decided to sell so armed with that I looked on various search engines.

The search results that came back surprised me - I'd never really come across property purchasing companies before and to be honest I was a bit sceptical. However, I contacted a company called The Property Buyer.co.uk to find out a bit more and after speaking with them it seemed to be a really efficient way of selling your house quickly.

Essentially, these companies are professional investors who will usually offer between 75 - 90% of market value. It might seem like a lot to give away but once you realise that by selling your house quickly to a property buying company you'll save on estate agents fees and not have any of the stress and uncertainty that selling your house normally brings it starts to sound like a good deal.

There are other factors at play too - if you sell your house quickly you can be in a position to get your dream house as a cash buyer. I found out recently that, statistically, cash buyers are able to offer a much lower price that those in a chain.

I want to make sure that our next sale goes smoothly and is as stress-free as possible - it also seems to be an uncertain time as far as property prices go, and I want to make sure we're able to release the equity from our current house before there's even a whisper of depreciation!

Now, with the information I got from www.thepropertybuyers.co.uk at least I have another option to try and get a quick house sale.

Company: The property buyers
Author: Baggy Tiwana
Author email: baggy@theperopertybuyers.co.uk

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