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Every day we read more news about the real estate "bubble" and how prices are leveling off or even dropping around the country. Naturally this news makes many real estate investors more cautious about buying. Flippers are no longer able to rely on rapid appreciation in order to make their profits. Investors who buy and hold or lease option properties are wondering if their deals will earn any profit in the next 2 to 3 years and many wonder how long they will have to hold a property to realize any profit. Many investors have discovered that they may be stuck with a property they cannot sell for a profit and cannot rent with a positive or break even cash flow now that real estate is just not selling the way it was in the recent boom cycle. Some investors are considering other alternatives and either holding off on further buying or getting out of the business altogether until there are signals that the market has reached the bottom of its current correction.

Accelerated Wealth Through Forex Trading

While it is currently uncertain as to whether real estate prices will see any rise over the next few years some investors have chosen to postpone any further buying activity and look at other alternatives. One of these alternatives that has become quite appealing to some is Forex trading. Investors who have been taught the power of leverage through "no money down" buying strategies quickly understand the power of leverage in the Forex market. Forex trading is one of the few businesses in which one can start with a relatively small amount of capital and within a short period of time begin multiplying that capital into a larger and larger numbers. Some traders who have mastered this business have taken accounts from $1000 to over a million in one year. Not only would that be extremely difficult to achieve in real estate, in most cases the equity that is achieved in real estate is not necessarily liquid.

No "Down" or "Bear" Market in Forex

"Forex" is short for Foreign Exchange or the currency market. Because currencies are traded in pairs such as the Euro vs. the U.S. Dollar traders are never stuck with a downward trending market. If the Euro's value is falling relative to the U.S. Dollar the dollar is rising relative to the Euro and vice versa. A trader may buy or sell the currency pair at any time and profit is earned by trading in the direction of the movement whether it be up or down. If a Forex trader believes the Euro vs. the U.S. Dollar pair will rise she will enter a trade position of buying the pair. In this case Euros are being bought and dollars are being sold. If the trader believes the pair will fall he will simply enter a trade position of selling the pair. For trading purposes it makes no difference whether the pair is rising or falling. Buying and selling are both executed the same with the click of a button and profits can be seen immediately as the pair moves in the direction of your trade.

100% Liquid Market

The Forex market is the largest market in the world and it is driven by banks and institutions as well as managed funds and individual investors. A currency represents and entire nation's economy and it is not possible to manipulate the value of a currency the way it sometimes happens in the stock market. Because banks throughout the world always have an exchange rate for currencies there is never a time when a Forex trade is not totally liquid. A Forex trader does not need to wait for a broker to locate a buyer because a trade is always immediately closed with the click of a mouse. Transactions are settled in cash that appears in the trading account immediately when the trade is closed.

What is the Risk?

Often we may hear that trading Forex is risky business. There are risks and expenses involved in any business. One of the benefits of starting a Forex trading business is that a trader can open a demo account and trade while learning the business without ever risking any real money. Only when the ability to trade profitably consistently over time has been demonstrated should a live account be opened. One of the most important aspects of learning to trade is using proper money management and risk management. Successful traders know how to identify trading opportunities and they know exactly how much to risk on a given trade. Win to loss ratios and risk to reward ratios are a part of trading just like knowing what products to stock are an important part of the retail business. If you hear of people who lost their trading capital while learning to trade you can be assured that they did not 1. learn to trade before opening a live account and 2. use proper money management and risk management.

How to Learn More about the Forex Trading Business

There are many sources of information on Forex trading available all over the internet. Unfortunately, very little of it is really effective in helping people to master the business of trading. Most of the information available is connected either directly or indirectly with the Forex Broker industry. And as many traders have discovered, the methods being promoted are often designed to benefit the brokers more than the trader. Is there any way to bypass the process of trial and error and really save time on the learning curve that is required in Forex trading? Entrepreneurs who have been successful in other businesses know the answer to this question. Find people who are already successful in the business of what you intend to do and do what they do. Mentors and mastermind groups provide the key to the fastest route to success. Just be aware that many "mentors" and training companies are connected with the broker industry as Introducing Brokers and they have a vested interest in teaching trading strategies that may not be in your best interest. For more information you may want to discuss the credibility of training programs with other traders in a trading discussion forum or at a trading club in your local area.

Scott Shubert is the founder of, a community of traders who share insights and results to contribute to the success of the entire community.

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