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If you are looking for villas, cottages, apartments, land, houses in Bulgaria we can find the best properties for you. Our company is specialized in the area of cheap rural properties, seaside properties around Varna and the North Black Sea region and building plots and also provides our clients with full legal, taxation and accounting services. Bulgaria these days resembles the old .

Wild West and the era of the Gold Rush! As you know, not everything that shines is .gold! Definitely Bulgaria is a gold mine and Bulgarian properties will prove to be a high earner, for a number of years to come! Its beautiful beaches, the fantastic lakes, the green mountains, the millions of hectares of forests and above all its people, is the hidden goldmine waiting to be discovered. It is therefore natural, that people like you, will show interest in buying a property in Bulgaria or invest on land with the view, of either building a nice holiday home, retire in a beautiful country with a very low cost of living and quality of life or finally get a really good yearly return for your investment.

We at Bulgarian Real Estate have the experience, we know the market and above all we speak your language, have your culture and share your dream. Our consultants will present you the facts, give you a wide choice and let you take the decision. Our legal department, though manned by young specialized lawyers, is fully prepared and qualified to answer your questions. They will talk to you in your language and offer you all the required help and advice, from registering a limited company, to carrying out the property search, arrange the completion, get your residence sorted out, help you with the building permit, fast efficiently and safe. You will find that our fees are reasonable and reflect the Bulgarian reality We at Bulgaria Real Estate , will not ask you to "trust us"! On the contrary, we will be glad to see you questioning what we say and checking what we do for you. As we do not expect to earn a commission from you, because we do not sell, but we will only be paid our fees for the job we did for you, we have every reason to promote and protect your interests.

On the other hand, when you buy from us your villa or country home, you will find out that your interests are protected equally as those of Bulgarian Real Estate. Finally, give us a try without any obligation from your side or any strings attached. Please ask for our terms of sale which can be send to you by return of mail or published in our forum.

Company: Bulgaria Real Estate - Varna
Author: Georgi Marinov
Author email:
Date: March 7 2007

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