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Military permissions for foreigner property buyers in Turkey

If a foreigner wants to buy a property in Turkey They should get a permission from the Turkish military. The Military is asking passport photocopy of the buyer and a copy of title deed registry, so they can check it out If the property is in restricted areas or not.

Second thing they do is to check it out the people who wants to buy the property. If they are eligible to buy a property in Turkey or not. If they approve the people and the property then they send an approval letter to the title deed registry office in that area where the property is registered.

But according to new regulation which was made in 2006. The military should have given the maps which shows the restricted areas to the local Title deed registry offices.So that means the applicants shouldn't have to wait 2 months or so they could get their applications approved by local title deed registry offices.

In 2007 they will start to practice new regulations in local title deed registry(TAPU) offices. that means The process for The foreigners who should get only military permission to buy a property in Turkey will take a week or so.

That will help the Alanya real estate market to regrow. Property investments in Alanya was quite high in 2004 & 2005. But last 1,5 year property sales to the foreign nationals were down because of the new Title deed registry law for foreigners.

Property prices are a little bit down comparing the prices with 2 years ago. It can be a good opportunity for the people who wants to make their investment on properties in Alanya, Turkey.

Also new Mortgage law will be on in this year. so another thing to push the market forward.

we as a real estate agent in Alanya are very happy to share this improvements with people who is thinking to make property investments in Alanya, Turkey.

Company: Alanya real estate
Author email:
Date: 1 March 2007

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